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A Life in Your Hands

A Life in Your Hands was a crime mystery drama broadcast from 1949 to 1952. Jonathan Kegg, the main character, investigated unsolved cases by interviewing witnesses on both sides in order to learn the truth.

Kegg represents neither the defense nor the prosecution. He was a man who seeks the truth behind these shrouded cases.

Show Name Date Aired
Boarder Killed September 3, 1949
The Final Curtain Call June 7, 1949
Arson Case July 8, 1950
Truck Engine July 31, 1952
The Jean Harling Case August 14, 1952
Murder at the Eye Doctors August 7, 1952
The Alderman August 27, 1952
The Dr. Alanby Case August 1, 1952
Eddie Phillips, Escaped Killer July 24, 1952
The Kalare Temple August 21, 1952

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